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How do I get this fantastic application, I hear you say!!

Well! Let me just tell you. =:) There's several ways. First, I've made available source, RPM, source RPM, and debian packages below.... These are for the "released" versions of bbkeys. You could think of these below as "stable".

Thanks to the kind folks at Sourceforge.net, though, bbkeys also has its own CVS repository that is accessible and browsable.

To access the CVS version (latest and greatest at any given point in time) of bbkeys

  • cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/bbkeys login
  • cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/bbkeys co bbkeys

To browse and download CVS bbkeys from your web browser, go here...

And your choice of packages....


Okay then. Whoopsie. I forgot to mention this elsewhere and it makes sense to do it here.... bbkeys versions 0.8.4 and later are designed to work with blackbox 0.62.0 and greater. The reason for this is that blackbox's internals changed with 0.62.0, and to use bbkeys completely, you'll need to get bbkeys 0.8.4 or later. So then... on with the download choices... =:)

Show Me The Files (TM)





Memorable Quotes
Rubbish!!! This sounds just the thing for the next version of bbkeys!! It shall be launched with the -r[otateMe] option, and upon detecting mouse-action at the edge of any of the 4 sides of one's monitor, bbkeys will re-channel the power supply for one's computer, and redirect full electrical impulse to the keyboard of said computer. Depending upon the dexterity and alertness of the individual user, this will result in (a worst-case scenario) said user shooting immediately over to the next workstation, or (a best-case scenario) said user gathering electrical energy for a full minute through his/her keyboard before then rotating at a high velocity throughout every workstation in his/her particular office, making a neato "whoooooooosh" noise throughout said travel-path, and causing a general commotion about the workplace before spinning smoothly back in front of his/her own workplace, none the wiser.

Of course, this will still not satisfy some people *cough* luqin *cough*, who will insist on downgrading to a previous version of bbkeys just to avoid the new features provided therein.


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